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StandAloneBlog (betaℬ)

StandAloneBlog is a philosophy project by Zakhar Andriyanov who tries to spotlight and study various mind and life related cases in science and intellect based methods, reason rather than emotion, not allowing any bad prepared, impulse based information.

Готовится к выпуску сборник (epub/txt) философских афоризмов о жизни на русском языке 'Быстрое мышление' - это новый материал, не включенный в общую тематику standaloneblog eng v. TBR 2019 here, stay tuned.

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Various General&Fundamental Philosophy Aphorisms Winter-Summer-Autumn 2018/2019 (Beta)
Unlinked titles to be released soon (2020)
I'm still working on these; you'd better to come back here later (around Summer of 2020)
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2 August 2019

Uncertainty (random) as the base of the information
And what could be named information and what not

1 August 2019

Extra speed thoughts and what is their basis,
lost thoughts and underactive thoughs matter

27 July 2019

A case on the attention and its origin, structure, relations

20 July 2019

Developing moral basis of capitalism/de-struction of it
(необходимости разработки
нравственого базиса капитализма - кризис капитализма)

16 July 2019

What music says us? General questions

14 July 2019

Some thoughts about relations of the information and the energy

1 July 2019

Things behind the art

3 July 2019

A classical case on the matter

15 June 2019

On various parts of the brain (4:mind, soul, intellect, nature based uber-mind)
and how they interact with each other. Decentralized view

15 June 2019

The artificial attraction when dealing with infinity deep thoughts

12 May 2019

Mind servicing

29 May 2019

The two states of the mind (easy conception)

19 April 2019

What is philosophy - simple words?

14 March 2019

On the constantly moving (w/ illustrat.s)

3 March 2019

Gods in men, from men, after hundreds of years
(new types of religion), “FANTASY”

1 February 2019

Easy: the Importance of perception filtering

20 January 2019

The 'underneath' parts of the brain activity we often don't realize

29 December 2018

Let’s imagine that mjttnetworkmusic was generated by an ai

24 December 2018

Some things are good to accept and to use from some distance only (like a mountain view concept)

17 December 2018

The center of the "mass" in a person's brain/view.

14 December 2018

About various layers of eternity/infinity in the universe


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