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StandAloneBlog is a philosophy project by Zahar Andriyanov who tries to spotlight and study various mind and life related cases in science and intellect based methods, reason rather than emotion, not allowing any bad prepared, impulse based information.

Готовится к выпуску сборник (epub/txt) философских афоризмов о жизни на русском языке 'Быстрое мышление' - это новый материал, не включенный в общую тематику standaloneblog eng v. TBR 2019 here, stay tuned.

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Various General&Fundamental Philosophy Aphorisms Winter-Summer-Autumn 2018/2019 (Beta)
Unlinked titles to be released soon (2020)
I'm still working on these; you'd better to come back here later (around Summer of 2020)
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Let’s imagine that mjttnetworkmusic was generated by an ai

From a sideview, one may easily think that mjttnetworkmusic (or any other complex information project) was entirely a projection made by an artificial network which was trained with various kinds of electronic music: hip hop, house, ambient etc, and as a result it generated us a lot of (new) information based of those patters. Exactly as those particular genres appeared before: on some previously existed info basis. Of course, I am not a trained computer based network I am an organic being/creature but I can't ignore the fact: these things are very similar: generating new information on a previously created basis.
This thought leads to understanding that this particular function - generating of new content - will be widely entrusted to electronic based algoritms, and/or with collaboration human+ai.
I try my best not to predict the future but I try to understand and involve the information.
In these particular circumstances I bother now on one little question: are there any limits of information we can get into a network and, and then, good it or not if we feed a network by information which was generated by the network itself? ...