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StandAloneBlog is a philosophy project by Zahar Andriyanov who tries to spotlight and study various mind and life related cases in science and intellect based methods, reason rather than emotion, not allowing any bad prepared, impulse based information.

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Various General&Fundamental Philosophy Aphorisms Winter-Summer-Autumn 2018/2019 (Beta)
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Could we imagine any non matter substance? Our soul+mind power(=ability to imagine) highly depends on the matter’s brain substance - for example if we damage brain we damage soul and we damage mind tho they have much more power to heal themselves and ofter have win but even with modern technologies it's hard to imagine absolutely non related to the current layer kind of 'non matter'. With all modern knowledge, we may tell something about the matter today. Matter is sIt’s obvious today that there is no absolute void anywhere. The most core of the matter and universe is most probably the waves. But But could we glaze at any non matter evidence, if all what we know is related or based on matter. Even energy and the spirit are rooted to the matter. The classical issue is whether the mind is ‘from the sky’ or ‘based on matter, pure chemistry’. Thinking about that leads, reminds me that some questions might have a trap inside, which leads to infinity non sense discussions unless we die - very similar to big errors in any known mechanisms. So yes we have both kinds of substance (non matter and matter), example is that we have many layers of infinity and substance everywhere around us (easy to prove without us sometimes), much more than just 2, and what is really interesting is that each layer operates with its own rules and principles, having a lot of little infinities in it. Good known example is atoms, and what rules we see inside of them and what rules we see outside.