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StandAloneBlog is a philosophy project by Zahar Andriyanov who tries to spotlight and study various mind and life related cases in science and intellect based methods, reason rather than emotion, not allowing any bad prepared, impulse based information.

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Various General&Fundamental Philosophy Aphorisms Winter-Summer-Autumn 2018/2019 (Beta)
Unlinked titles to be released soon (2020)
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I clearly noticed and tested that I (and so we) usually (=daily) have two states of mind: active and passive.
Active mind condition is consist of ‘bold’ state (it’s similar to … say… active eye focus on an object)

That active state seems to be 'hardwired'/constrained with thoughts tho we still have passive thought too. Regularry, the active state is not dealing with other ‘under thoughts’ states of brain or with nervous activity, it has other and more clear /cold focus on subjects and when we in active we often do not even agree with what we did in passive. Mind drived, active state usualy gives us health and happinesss, tho I knew some who spend their busyness 'brilliant state of the youth brain for... crimimal, gaming /drugs and other mind hooks.Sometimes it's ok to get an experience but otherwise activity state as most suitable from cognition/getting knowledge. These cognitions might be very various but generally it's very good and the number one 'clear' pleasure of the mind, to get knowledge, whether it is a new book or new travel or new music album or new biology study, it's good for life and for the mind (good=long live with the universe). We can apply active to a physical state too, it’s quite different from mind in terms of functionality because our physical nature is based on under thoughts/mind - for example we almost do not know nothing about food digestion, if we wouldn’t do science.

So Active mind condition state is characterized by sharp thoughts. For example when we focus our thought on something i.e размышляем внимательно we are in the active state. From all what comes from active: goods, deep inventions, calm, we see it’s helpful and nice thing. But it's very expensive and not available for everyone every-time It’s opposite is the passive state of mind.

We’re in passive when human scrolls his social internet media or news or when doing something with routine. non attentiveness, in unconsciousness. The passive state is in us always when we tired or lazy or in bad temptation or something similar to all other disfunctionality of the brain.

I tried for several times to watch for myself and I noticed many times that when I'm in passive (very often by the way) I’m often unhappy or ‘walking bad ways’, and I tried to switch immediately to active thoughts and then I realized I feel better and doing things I want/love to do. But it's still way too expensive and we somehow should calculate our resources for every day